Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

A Simple Bathroom Remodeling Guide

On average, we spend more than 30 minutes in the bathroom every day, adding up to more than a week every year. Since we spend so much time there, it should be a nice, relaxing space, right?

If your bathroom makes you say “eww” instead of “ahh” when you’re in it, then it’s time for a change. Inspiration Design Center can help with that bathroom remodel.

The first step to our bathroom remodeling ideas

You’ve decided you want a new bathroom. That was the easy part. But what exactly do you want in your new space? If you’ve scrolled through all of the bathroom design ideas on Pinterest and need more inspiration, come to visit our showroom. We have several mock bathrooms and products on display to show you what’s possible for your space.

Turn your bathroom remodeling ideas into reality

Once you’ve got your ideas for your new bathroom, talk to one of our designers. Our consultants can help you find the best features for your bathroom, including countertops, faucets, paint and tile colors and lighting. The designer will work with you to make your dreams a reality, taking you from ideas to a full remodel that’s perfect for your home.

What makes IDC different from everyone else

We take pride in our team of designers and contractors that make your dreams a reality. We will go the extra mile to make sure your installation is done correctly while still giving you the comfort and design you want. Our expert contractors will ensure you have the proper moisture barrier installation and electrical and plumbing fixtures that are up to code, while also paying attention to every small detail.

Get help in the Twin Cities area

If you’re tired of saying “eww” every time you walk into your bathroom, IDC can help turn your bathroom into an “ahh” mazing space in your home. Interested? Make an appointment or stop by our showroom today! (952) 767-1818