Spring Cleaning Tips

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring has (finally) sprung! While you emerge from under your blankets and sweatshirts to enjoy spring, don’t forget about the often-dreaded task of spring cleaning. Even though it’s not everyone’s favorite chore, here are some tips by Inspiration Design Center to make spring cleaning your kitchen and bathroom much easier this season. 

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Get rid of lime build-up around faucets by soaking paper towels in vinegar and laying them over and around the fixture. Leave them there for an hour. The build-up will soften and be easier to remove. 
  • Spray your shower wall with a bathroom cleaner and let it soak. After it soaks, take a sponge and scrub it. (For tips on how to clean grout, check out our Best Ways to Clean Grout blog). 
  • Soak faucet heads, showerheads and drains in vinegar to remove hard water build-up. If the head can’t be removed, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and cover the head by taping it shut. 
  • Clean inside and outside the toilet. If you have tough stains inside or out, spray the area and let it soak before cleaning it. 
  • Wipe down the mirror and countertops 

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Clean the refrigerator with a mixture of salt and bubble water. The bubbles combined with the texture of the salt will help you remove any stains or spills from inside the fridge. 
  • To clean stainless steel appliances, use a spray bottle filled with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. This will give the appliances a shine without damaging anything. 
  • Use a toothbrush to clean and remove food stains and crumbs from the burners and knobs on your stove top. 
  • If you have a self-cleaning over – use it! Just make sure to clean up any major spills before starting it. 
  • Wipe down your cabinets and countertops to remove any dust, grease or stains. 
  • Organize your pantry and get rid of expired foods. 


Take your home out of that winter slump and get it in tip-top shape with these spring cleaning tips. And if you notice that some of your fixtures or countertops are outdated, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Contact us for options on how to remodel your home in a way that’s perfect for you. (952) 767-1818.