Spring is a Great Time for Remodeling

Remodels happen when the inspiration hits, and the budget for it fits. If you’ve waited all year to consider one, here are six reasons why Spring is “peak season” for your kitchen or bath project:


Good Weather


Spring brings warmer temperatures and makes it easier to get things done. With any remodel, there’s a lot of foot traffic in and out of your home. Milder weather makes it easier to keep your home comfortable. Better weather also helps your remodel move a little faster as our installers don’t have to maneuver around snow and ice.


More Creative Energy


When Spring happens, people are out getting things done. Since it’s a natural time of renewal, that alone helps to inspire creativity. Ideas that you might have had trouble putting together in the fall or winter seem to flow onto the page or computer screen.


More Daylight


As we head toward summer, you get more daylight at the beginning and end of your day. Also, Daylight Savings Time in full swing. That means you have more hours when you need them to get a project started, moving and finished.


Your Kitchen or Bathroom will be Ready for Busier Times


Summer is a time to relax, but it also seems to be a time when everyone gets busy. If you’ve been thinking about a remodel, getting it done before summer rolls around will give you one less thing to worry about. Fall is also a busy time for everyone, so having it done by then is a big bonus as well.


You Just Got a Tax Return


Not everyone gets a nice bonus from Uncle Sam, but if you do, you want to use it in a way that benefits you long-term. A tax return gives you extra money that you can use to make your home and life better. A kitchen remodel can add over 80 percent of the money you spend back to your home. That’s something you’ll be thankful for if you decide to sell your home.


An Opportunity to Fire Up the Grill


We all love grilling out and Spring is a great time to do it. If you’re planning on redoing your kitchen, you’ll need to cook elsewhere or otherwise have different plans for food. Outdoor grilling will be an easy answer to that need and warmer temperatures will make grilling out a much more pleasant experience.




Spring is a great time to get your ideal kitchen or bathroom out of your dreams and into your home. Let us know if you’d like to talk about it. We have lots of experience working in the Minneapolis St. Paul area on remodeling jobs large and small and stand ready to help your home be all that it can be in every season.