Remodeling Problems and Solutions

When remodeling your home, nothing is as easy as it seems.  You have great ideas, but your space limits you.  You have a schedule, but it doesn’t seem to come together.


Here’s a list of some of the most common problems faced as people redo kitchens, bathrooms or other spaces.




For most, the budget that was originally planned ends up growing considerably.  Factors like cost overruns, unexpected expenses or time all end up costing more and can definitely put a damper on your new dream kitchen or bathroom.


The solution to this is good research.  Knowing how much certain things take going in is key.  That can be found by asking friends about their remodels, but also can be found in an internet search.


Sometimes, the unforeseen can happen when some previously hidden problem comes up, but for the most part, great research and planning can minimize budget issues.




We’ve all heard the horror stories.  People tell you their kitchen or bathroom took twice as long as what they were first told.


The solution here is to go in with eyes wide open.  Estimates for how long are always based on things going perfectly.  If you’ve ever done any sort of remodel, you know that they seldom do.  Prepare and plan for more time, realizing that materials being out of stock or that previously hidden problem will add to the schedule and are, for the most part, beyond your control.




Keeping yourself sane during a remodel is vital.  Remember that the end result is worth it.  Keeping that in mind while dealing with the inconveniences of working around a remodel are well worth it.


Make sure you have a plan for what to do while your kitchen or bathroom is out of commission.  For some with smaller homes and one bathroom, you will have to discuss alternatives before getting started.  Think about food preparation if you’re digging into a kitchen.  If you’ll be without it for a while, will you be able to handle eating out that often or will you be able to resort to some alternative method of cooking?




Your best bet when remodeling is putting together a plan before getting started.  This is one area that Inspiration Design Center can help.  When you put together your dream kitchen, sitting down with one of our designers will help you plan a remodel that is as stress-free as possible.  If you’ve been thinking about your remodel, why not set an appointment?  Our goal is to make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality.