Quick Remodeling and Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner! That means there are marshmallows to toast, nuts to roast and (alas!) parties to host.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s hard to fit in time (and energy!) for decorating after all the shopping and cooking is done.

So if you’re holiday festivities include hosting a party or just gathering with your family and friends, here are some easy, time-saving decorating and remodeling ideas to spruce up your home for the holidays.


Quick Remodeling projects:


Update the guest bathroom

bathroom countertop sink

Your guest bathroom will probably be used a lot this season, so think about redecorating it. You’d be surprised what a fresh coat of paint and new hand towels will do to a bathroom! But if you want to take it a step further, consider replacing the fixtures, like the faucet, sink, showerhead and lights. If you need help updating fixtures in your bathroom, visit our showroom to get ideas and talk to our designers.


Brighten your kitchen

If you’re hosting the meal this year, then the kitchen will be a busy place. Adding more light to your kitchen, both natural and with brighter lights and fixtures, will make it seem more open. And, in the spirit of the holidays, don’t hesitate to put string lights around the countertops and cabinets.


Add more storage and countertop space

If you’re low on counter space, consider adding an island to your kitchen if you have room. Islands are fairly inexpensive and easy to install, and an island will give you plenty of room to display your meal, the wine and Grandma’s famous cookies. Not to mention, you can add drawers around your island if you’re short on storage. (We all know you have to hide the clutter somewhere before the guests arrive!)


Decorating ideas:


Create a happy holiday table setting.

The table is the center of attention for any holiday gathering. To add some festive flair, fill some glass orbs with tinsel, garland, or beads and personalize them for your guests. Or, place silver bells or ornaments in a glass bowl or on a cake stand for your centerpiece. This can help make a creative tablescape that’s easy and inexpensive.





Put natural tree trimmings on a tree in the kitchen.

Putting a tree in your kitchen or dining room is a great idea, but to mix it up, decorate it with fresh trimmings, such as dried fruit, flowers and leaves. This will leave you with a festive tree without the hassle of lights and fragile ornaments.


Set up a festive drink station.

No party is complete without a punch bowl full of eggnog and bottles of champagne. Set up a drink station with a holiday twist to it. Use a console table, kitchen island, or even a bar cart to set out all the holiday favorites. Decorate the glasses with simple ribbons or pieces of tinsel around the stem, or dip the top of each glass in colored-sugar to go with that signature cocktail you made.


Get ready for the holidays without all the stress. Some quick remodeling and decorating projects will get you into the holiday spirit and prepare you to host that perfect holiday party.