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Prepare Your Kitchen for Holiday Entertaining – 5 Easy Tips!

You can still enjoy the holiday party season even when you’re the host! If your party is like most, the kitchen will be the hub. With these pre-planning tips you can enjoy the company of your loved ones stress-free this season!

Shine Cooking Appliances

Nothing will make your kitchen pop like shiny appliances! Now, this does not mean you have to replace all your current kitchen appliances. Start by running the oven cleaning cycle prior to all your cookie baking. Do a deep clean of the dishwasher, microwave, stovetop and any other appliances in the kitchen.

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Refrigerator and Freezer Cleanout

We are all guilty of leaving stuff in the refrigerator that gets pushed to the back never to be seen again. Well all those lost condiments and left overs lurking in the back have seen their day. Time to toss it all out and make room for all the seasonal treats. Some holiday dishes can be prebaked and stored in your roomy refrigerator so they will be ready to go as soon as it’s party time.

Inventory the Spice Cabinet

With all the cooking and baking that occurs during the holiday season, don’t wait till last minute to check your inventory. After gathering your recipes, maximize your time and cooking efforts by ensuring your supply of fresh ingredients is ready to go. Spices do expire!

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Take Out the Trash

This may be the least glamorous, but it must be done! You don’t want a lingering odor greeting your guests when they walk into the room. Wash and disinfect trash bins to prevent any unwanted smells polluting your holiday buffet. You may even want to pick up additional bins to place around the kitchen or outside so your guests can easily dispose of trash. This will also decrease any overflow in one bin so you won’t be having to constantly take out the trash.

Declutter the Kitchen Countertops

This step may be last but definitley not least. Keeping your countertops clutter-free will not only make your kitchen look better but will also make you feel better. Tuck away any non-holiday decor that may get in the way. Keep your work surfaces clean and ready for use at any moment. Food preperation, baking, and gift-wrapping can all utilize the countertop space.

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Trying implementing these tips before your next holiday party so you will be able to enjoy your loved ones stress-free! Continue to follow along on the blog for design ideas, tips, and more!