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Inspiration Design Center is located a few minutes from the twin cities, Inspiration Design Centre is one of the best kitchen and bathroom destinations in West Bloomington, MN. When you are looking for the natural stone countertops, we offer you all what you need in our expansive showroom. We provide a variety of products for your kitchen and bathroom needs which come in various designs and styles. For those who want a designer brand for their homes, we have products that will meet your vision. We have our kitchen and bathroom products strategically positioned around our huge showroom with illustrations that will reignite design solutions for your home. Inspiration Design Centre is a one-stop center for your needs. We shall assist you to draw a plan, bring your materials and install them. Our professionals will guide you through various choices for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. We also jointly collaborate with you on a number of projects like the laundry room and mudroom. (952) 767-1818. You can check out our famous natural stone collections below.



Given the unpredictability of Minnesota weather conditions, we have a climate-sensitive Slab Selection Centre where you will get numerous natural stone countertop solutions for your needs. Our displays offer a variety of functional and kitchen fixtures in creative illustrations that will re-energize your imagination. Regardless of the number of ideas that you come with, you will enliven them when you go through our choices. In our tile center, we have more than 600 square feet of glass, porcelain, ceramic, metal and stone backsplash and flooring selections. We also feature numerous cabinets, faucets, sinks, tubs, showers, drawer pulls and accessories.


We work with a number of professionals in the building and construction field to offer our services. For instance, we work with builders and remodeling contractors and kitchen and bathroom dealers. We collaborate with individuals and firms to work on across spectrum of projects ranging from family to multi-family, commercial to residential owner-occupied to individual. We have a professional team of account managers and client care who are ready to assist you. We offer a variety of quartz colors to satisfy various client needs and budgets.

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Many prefer quarts due to its non-porosity, heat and scratch resistance. Quartz countertops and granite countertops are easy to maintain, durable and has aesthetic properties. You can get in touch with us for more information if you are looking for natural stone countertops. Many homeowners prefer granite for their kitchens and bathrooms because of its versatility, quality, and value. It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns.