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Inspiration Design Center is an outstanding kitchen and bath destination which is located near the twin cities. In case you are in need of natural countertops, we provide a variety in our showroom. We provide all the items in various designs and styles for your kitchen and bathroom project. For those who are looking for unique signature designs for their projects, we have a variety to choose from. We have huge amounts of product displays in our spacious showrooms that are outstanding and you will definitely find one suited for your home. At IDC, we are a one-stop shop for all your kitchen and bathrooms countertops. We shall assist you in space designing, acquire your items and fix them for you. We have a professional team that we assist you in your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. We also work with our clients in various projects like the laundry room, home office, and entertainment areas. We offer:

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Aware of the fact that Rochester Minnesota has unpredictable weather conditions, we have a variety of slap materials ideas that will inspire you to select one for your home. We have a variety of kitchen and bathroom solutions for your home in our showroom. We have plenty of functional bath and kitchen fixtures that will inspire your imagination. Regardless, of the number of ideas you come with, you will go through our selection to enliven your imagination. We have a tile section that shows a variety of products including porcelain, glass, and ceramic. We also show a variety of cabinets, quartz countertops, granite countertops, natural stone, faucets, sinks, tubs, showers, drawer pulls and accessories. We work jointly with a number of building professionals like remodeling contractors, kitchen and bathroom dealers, and interior design experts.


Because Minnesota weather is unpredictable, we’ve got a climate-controlled Slab Selection Center where you’ll find hundreds of natural stone countertop ideas for your home.

Our showroom features dozens of functional bath and kitchen fixtures.

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We closely work with either individuals or firms across a variety of areas like new construction, single-family, owner-occupied and rental, residential and commercial projects. We have a team of experts in account management and client care that is always looking forward to meeting you. IDC provides a variety of quartz shades to satisfy various needs. Quartz countertops are water, scratch and stain resistant. Because quartz is easy to maintain, durable and beautiful, it is one of the preferred materials for kitchen and bathroom surfacing. If you require any countertops, please contact us and book an appointment. Many homeowners admire granite for its beauty and durability. Granite is a great choice for many because it has various features like versatility, quality, and value. The stone comes in a many of colors and patterns to suit various client needs.