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If you are looking for the best bath remodeling or kitchen remodeling experts, Inspiration Design Center is your destination. Located just a few minutes from the twin cities, Inspiration Design Center is the best in Eagan Minnesota. In case you are in need of natural stone countertops, we have a variety in our extensive showroom. We provide a variety of products that feature various designs and styles. In case you want to have a signature in your home, we have a variety of products suited for your purpose. (952) 767-1818. You can check out our natural stone collections below.


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We display a variety of kitchen and bathroom products in our huge showroom and you will get one outstanding item that will spur your imagination. We have all that you need for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. Furthermore, Inspiration Design Centre will help you draw a plan, acquire your materials and fix it in your home. We have a team of professional consultants who will assist you go through various options and select one suited for your remodeling needs. Inspiration Design Center can also assist you to remodel your other homerooms, home office, and craft rooms.

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Due to the unpredictability of climatic conditions of Minnesota, we have a Slab Selection Centre where you encounter natural stone surface ideas suited for your home needs. We display a variety of functional bath and kitchen fixtures. We have a variety of kitchen and bathroom design materials that are offered in outstanding illustrations that will stimulate your creativity. We have a variety of illustrations that will inspire your creativity and improve your idea(s). We have a tile Center that offers a variety of choices including glass, porcelain, ceramic and stone backsplash. We also display numerous cabinets, faucets, sinks, tubs, showers, drawer pulls, and accessories.

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Our quartz countertops are truly beautiful! Inspiration jointly works with many professionals in the building industry including remodeling contractors, builders, kitchen and bathroom dealers, and others. We work with individuals and companies of various levels across the spectrum of projects ranging from family to multi-family levels, owner-occupied to rental projects, new construction to remodeling levels, and residential to commercial levels. We have a caring and professional account management and client service teams who are always ready to offer you the support you require. Inspiration Design Center offers a choice of quartz countertop colors that are suited to various client needs and budgets.

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Apart from being resistant to various conditions like scratch and stain, quartz countertops are easy to maintain and provide design consistency across bars. Furthermore, quartz is suitable for many people because it stays for a long time and looks incredibly beautiful. In case you are in need of countertops, contact us so that you are booked for an appointment to get assisted find what is best for you. For natural stones, many prefer granite because it is beautiful, versatile and of high quality. Our granite countertops are also a sight to see! There are so many benefits to choosing one these two options but in case you are looking for more, visit our showroom and pair up with a specialist!