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Inspiration Design Centre offers cabinets, quartz countertops, and kitchen remodeling products to homeowners, builders, contractors and anybody in the construction industry. IDC offers a special choice of quartz and granite countertops, that come in a variety of colors to satisfy various client needs. There are various benefits of quartz including being resistant to various elements including heat, water, stains, and scratches. Quartz is durable and has aesthetic properties. Many like it because it is easy to maintain and provide design consistency across the world. Contact us today to learn more about our showroom and coming out to visit us! (952) 767-1818

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Just a few minutes from the twin cities in the Midwest is located Inspiration Design Center. IDC displays a variety of bathroom and kitchen countertops and remodeling products for your commercial or residential property. We have a variety of natural stone countertops in our expansive showroom. We provide all the home improvement products that you may require for your kitchen and bathroom projects. Furthermore, our products come in a variety of styles and designs because we want to give you as many options to choose from as possible. We also have outstanding designer brands for those who want to put their own signature in their homes.


We have a large selection of kitchen remodeling and bathroom countertops display strategically positioned in our expansive showroom with outstanding illustrations to inspire design solutions for your property. We are a one-stop shop for our clients and they need not go anywhere else when they visit us. We shall assist you to design your space, get materials and install them. We have a professional team which will help you go through various choices for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Inspiration Design Center can also help you in a variety of home projects including your laundry room, mudroom, home office, craft room, entertainment rooms, and others.

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Due to the unpredictability of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota weather, we have a climate-controlled Slab Selection Center or showroom where you will find numerous natural stone countertop ideas for your home. We have a variety of functional kitchen and bathroom fixtures with good descriptions and illustrations that will ignite your imagination. Regardless of the number of ideas that you come with, you will enliven your thoughts through our variety of selections. We have a tile center which shows more than 600 square feet of glass, porcelain, ceramic, metal and stone backsplash and flooring selections. We also have numerous displays of cabinets, faucets, sinks, tubs, showers, drawer pulls and accessories.