Kitchen Remodeling Minneapolis Experts List The Top Trends Of 2018

Minneapolis Kitchen Remodeling Trends For 2018

Is your kitchen or bathroom so outdated that you have flashbacks to disco fever and big hair when you walk in? While high-waisted jeans and chunky heels are back in style, paisley wallpaper and cream-colored appliances and fixtures are not.

A new year means new decorating and kitchen remodeling Minneapolis trends. If your space needs to be brought into this century, take a look at these top remodeling trends for 2018. The experts at Inspiration Design Center will walk you through the top kitchen remodeling trends of 2018.

More colors in the kitchen

A colorful kitchen will make your space seem more inviting and personal. Adding more color to your cabinets and countertops will also help hide stains and damage from general wear and tear. Grays and blues are expected to be the colors of choice for remodelers this year.

No more small, stainless steel sinks

Stainless steel and white sinks have always been in, but they’re moving out for 2018. Sinks made out of materials like copper, stone, and granite are predicted to be a big seller for this year. Not to mention, the bigger the sink, the more popular it is. Trough and bucket sinks are projected to be best sellers for 2018 remodels.

Vintage lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures from decades past are coming back. Light fixtures made out of aged copper and pendant-shaped lights will be a popular addition to kitchens and bathrooms in 2018.

Backsplash with some flair

The backsplash is a great way to add some composition to your space, but take it a step further and add backsplash with an intricate design. Put the tile on the entire wall and have it mimic a wallpaper design. This will add some flair to the area, but it will be much more durable than wallpaper.

Bold floral designs

Big, bold floral prints are predicted to be popular in 2018, specifically patterns with contrast colors and large blooms. Use floral patterns to add a pop of color to any room in your home, especially the kitchen or bathroom.

Kitchen Remodeling Minneapolis Professionals

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