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It’s the Ideal Time for a Fixer Upper Home in the Twin Cities

Waiting For The Perfect Time To Buy A New Home?

Recently, there has been a slight decrease in real estate prices in the Twin Cities area, with the average home dropping from $290,000 to $283,700 over the summer. This cost dip is welcomed by many homebuyers as Minneapolis/St. Paul area homes have been at an all time high in the last year. Compared to 2018, the market has seen a 4.5% increase in the number of buyers closing on homes. With more inventory and lower interest rates, a new mortgage might not feel as burdensome as before. If you’re looking for the perfect time to move – now may be your best chance!

Fixing up a “new to you” home has become a popular choice in today’s society. From first-time millenial homebuyers to folks wanting to age in place, renovating an older home offers great opportunities to create the space you desire without the new build price tag. There is something fun and exciting about transforming a home to reflect your needs and style. A home remodel exhibits new personality within a house that wasn’t present before – plus, it’s quite genius to turn an ordinary home into something extraordinary!

If you’re browsing homes in Minnesota, consider the possibility of revamping an existing home to make it uniquely yours. In the long run you could save money and stress on building that “perfect” dream home. Instead, CREATE what you desire! Make sure to visit Inspiration Design Center during your journey to help you layout a blueprint of your new home including countertops, kitchen and bath design.

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