Fancy the Faucet

A kitchen faucet can be the centerpiece of your kitchen’s design. But more than that, today’s faucet designs can give you functionalities that June Cleaver would have only dreamed about. If you’re in the midst of building or remodeling your kitchen, here are some tips that’ll tap your creativity.




It seems like polished chrome faucets have always been around. You see them in just about every home in every variety. However, there are many more varieties than just chrome. That means you can choose anything from oil rubbed bronze to copper to porcelain.




Touch Activated Faucets aren’t reserved for airports, movie theaters, and shopping malls. Today they’re a breath of fresh air, keeping your home and family clean and sanitary. Imagine cleaning raw chicken without the risk of cross-contamination. Being able to tap the faucet with your arm because your hands are covered in grease or raw meat is not only a great idea but a practical one. Saving money, looking great and practicality in one package never came easier than these faucets.




Modern faucet sprayers have improved to add function and versatility to your kitchen. To top it off, they look great. The flexibility they provide for food preparation and clean-up is amazing.


“Appearance is always a factor in the selection of a kitchen faucet; it’s very rare that a good-looking kitchen faucet is purchased that doesn’t function to the homeowner’s needs. A kitchen faucet has to deliver on both looks and functionality. Homeowners just won’t sacrifice functionality on looks alone.”  – Steve McDonald, General Manager of Inspiration Design Center.


Fortunately, if you’re looking for a great looking faucet that functions well, Inspiration Design Center has exactly what you need. Our huge selection of faucets will fit any taste and can make any normal kitchen take on an air of sophistication. Come into our showroom and we’ll show you just the right piece for your kitchen remodel. Plus, our designers will be able to fit that into a design that would be perfect for your home. Contact us today so we can get started on a kitchen you’ll love, starting with a great faucet.