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Quartzite Countertops

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Quartzite countertops are a highly sought out option amongst homeowners and interior designers. Its sophisticated appearance, crystalline sparkle, and durability make it an ideal choice. Often confused with man-made quartz, quartzite is different in that it is a natural stone formed from sandstone in the earth that undergoes high heat and pressure over time. Quartzite is a naturally strong and very durable stone that is heat, scratch, and etch resistant. One of the most attractive benefits of quartzite is that some varieties look similar to marble but require much less maintenance. Quartzite stone has great qualities and advantages. It’s breathtaking beauty makes it a fantastic material for the kitchen and bathroom. Inspiration Design Center carries beautiful quartzite colors and patterns.

Reasons You Should Choose Quartzite For Your Kitchen And Bathroom

The popularity of this natural stone is steadily increasing. Interior designers and homeowners are constantly talking about the beauty and great advantages of this stone. It’s sophisticated look, low maintenance, and natural strength allow homeowners to sleep well at night knowing they made the right choice. This countertop looks incredible in contemporary spaces & rustic bathrooms and kitchens. You can transform your space with the dazzling crystalline sparkle of quartzite stone. Take one step closer to creating the perfect kitchen or home remodel of your dreams with the help of Inspiration Design. Below you can discover the great qualities of quartzite.

Heat and Fire Resistant

Quartzite is one of the most elegant & functional countertops for the kitchen. The ideal countertop is not one that should only display a handsome aesthetic but it is one that should be in-alterable under high temperatures, cleaning, and daily use. The durability of this attractive stone brings the extra touch of functionality to kitchen and bathroom countertops that every homeowner desires. High-quality & good taste are always of primary importance which is why Inspiration Design Center has put together a collection of the best quartzite options for our beloved customers to choose from. Installing a countertop in your kitchen that will resist high-temperatures is significantly important because it means you will not have to stress out about damages.


Quartzite natural stone slabs are ideal for homeowners searching for the look of marble but need something that is sturdier. Quartzite landed a hard 7 on the MOHS hardness scale making it harder than granite stone. It is extraordinarily beautiful, strong, and durable meaning it can withstand against many elements. This is a natural stone that is recommended for kitchens that are always busy. We understand that there are many different countertop options out there but you should look for one that best suits your lifestyle. If you are always cooking and baking, then quartzite is a phenomenal choice. If you want a countertop that will last, this is it!

Easy To Maintain

Your countertops will reflect the amount of care you give them. When you properly maintain them and care for them the right way, they can last you a lifetime. Quartzite in particular won’t depreciate with time. In fact, it will continue to add value to your property as the years go by. It is important that you clean your kitchen countertops after every meal in effort to avoid any potential stains or other cleaning issues. Cleaning them is quite the simple task. All you really need is a soft cloth dipped in a mild soap and warm water solution. Then simply, take the cloth and wipe down your counters. Make sure you rinse them off and dry them using a dry soft cloth. Do not leave spills or food on your countertops for too long because you will risk getting stains, discoloration, etc. Ask one of our experts for cleaning solution recommendations.

Quartzite Countertop Pros

Can Be Repaired: 81 [B-]
Heat Resistance: 92 [A-]
Durability Of Quartzite: 98 [A+]
Quartzite Stone Requires Low Maintenance: 85 [B]
Quartzite Stone is Affordable: 93 %
Color Options And Consistency: 80 [B-]
Quartzite Will Add Value to Your Home: 94 %


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