Granite Collection


Granite countertops are never a thing of the past. Natural stone is coveted for its beauty and the aesthetic it provides in the most used areas of our homes. Granite is one of the most popular types of natural stone for its versatility, quality, and value. Granite is a great material for kitchens and bathrooms and comes in an array of colors and patterns. Choosing granite counters for your home can offer a unique and sophisticated look to your home. We carry a large selection of classic granite colors as well as more exotic materials. Pick out the right countertop from our broad selection of granite colors today!

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Everything You Need To Know About Granite Countertops

Granite countertops make great counters for your kitchen and bathroom. Granite is an attractive, durable, and stylish natural stone that will last a very long time if you know how to properly care for them. Cleaning, sealing, and polishing your granite counters is all you need if you are wanting them to have a long life. Investing in high-quality granite countertops will increase the value of your commercial or residential property. It is no secret that granite is an incredibly strong stone so if you are searching for a countertop material that will be worth the investment, we highly recommend granite tops!

Granite Is Not A Man Made Or Engineered Stone

Granite stone comes straight from the Earth. It is a natural stone/ igneous rock that was created or formed by volcanoes. Granite stone is made of mica, feldspar, and quartz along with many other minerals that add to the color variation and overall look. Granite can be extracted from the planet by blasting it from rock quarries in large blocks. The large blocks are cut into even smaller portions.

Is Granite Stone Is Nonporous?

Is granite nonporous? The answer is, no. Granite, in fact, is a porous natural stone which means you will need to seal your countertops to prevent any liquid stains. Sealing your granite will protect your countertops from dirt and spills. Most countertop suppliers will seal your granite counters for you before the installation. Make sure to only look for sealers that are made specifically for granite stone.

  • Granite’s Sustainability

  • Granite stone is a renewable resource that takes many thousands of years to form and create thus the reason why not many people consider it to be a true go green option. It’s quite important to know that the natural stone industry has recently made big strides to take on responsible quarrying & production methods. Granite counters can last a long time with the proper care and maintenance. They hold no harmful chemicals & don’t emit harmful gasses or radiation. They hold a place in the green building movement.

Is Granite Heat Resistant?

Granite stone is known for its extraordinary heat resistant qualities. It does not easily blister or melt when it is exposed to high temperatures. Granite countertops are one of the most heat tolerant counter options out there. It will do fine even if you took a very hot pan straight from the oven and placed it directly on its surface. There would be no harm done. Inspiration Design Center experts still suggest using a trivet just to be on the safe side especially if you will be using hot appliances for periods at a time.

Is Granite Scratch Resistant?

On Moh’s scale, granite stone scored a 7 when tested for hardness. Not many minerals can scratch granite stone because it is astonishingly hard by nature. We still do not encourage you to cut on your tops but if you do, your knives may go dull. It is better to just grab a cutting board instead. The leftover metal residue from the knives can be quite hard to remove.

Sealing Granite

Granite stone is naturally a porous rock that is sealed by fabricators prior to installing to help protect your countertops from absorbing any liquid too quickly. When a countertop is porous, it means that anytime a liquid is spilled on the counter, they will absorb eventually. Sealing prolongs the process of absorption which is why it is recommended. Different poultices can be applied to speed up the process of removal. If you are interested in a nonporous option you can check out our quartz countertop collection.

Granite Maintenance And Care

Maintaining and caring for your granite countertops is not a hard thing to do. It is rather easy and the reason why many people choose granite over any other natural stone countertop option. Granite is a very low maintenance kitchen and bath countertop material that will last you a very long time with the proper care. The need for granite to be resurfaced or repaired is incredibly low. Cleaning your granite tops is quite the simple task all you have to do it use mild soap and lukewarm water then wipe down your tops with a soft lintfree cloth. You can run the water test to see whether your tops need to be sealed as well.

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