Cabinets, Counters and Green Building Standards

More people are considering green building standards in their remodel projects. The idea of limiting the environmental impact of your building process is a popular one. That choice extends to cabinets as well as countertops.




Many eco-friendly choices are available, including bamboo and salvaged wood. Another consideration for your home would be repurposing your cabinets by refacing them. This keeps you from building new cabinets and minimizes your impact on the environment by allowing your cabinets to continue serving you, while changing up the look and function.




Natural stone countertops are the ultimate green material. Since natural stone is quarried from the earth, it’s a material that makes your carbon footprint smaller.


Since natural stone is durable, you don’t have to replace your countertops for nearly 50 years. Compare that with using a laminate countertops. They’ll need replaced a few times over the course of that same 50-year period. Also, since laminate countertops are filled with man-made materials, they contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs. That means your indoor air quality is poorer than it would be with low VOC natural stone.


Cleaning in the kitchen or bathroom can make use of harsh chemicals. While we can work to limit that, in the end, your choice of materials can make that easier. Natural stone countertops take simple methods of cleaning, which have less environmental impact.


And, if you like to recycle, you’ll love natural stone. Since it can be used in multiple places, your natural stone counters could be turned into tile or flooring with a little adaptation.




If you’re interested in keeping it green in your home, natural stone countertops and cabinet refacing are great options to consider. Our team of design professionals can help you put together a plan that will look amazing and limit your impact on the environment. Contact us today so we can get started on a sustainable remodel.