5 Hot Trends for a Cool Bathroom This Spring


Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has (finally) sprung! While you emerge from under your blankets and sweatshirts to enjoy spring, don’t forget about the often-dreaded task of spring cleaning. Even though it’s not everyone’s favorite chore, here are some tips to make spring cleaning your kitchen and bathroom much easier this season.    Bathroom  Get rid of lime build-up around faucets by soaking paper towels in vinegar...

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Refund=Remodel at IDC!

kitchen with granite countertops

Spring has sprung, which means it's the season for shedding winter coats, planting flowers and…. taxes. If you're lucky enough to see it in the form of a refund, then it's time to figure out where to spend it. You've worked hard… you've earned it, so why not treat yourself? That refund check can be the perfect excuse to remodel your kitchen...

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2018 Spring Remodeler’s Showcase

When you’ve been in the same house for 30 years, it means it’s probably time for some remodeling.   That was the case with Patrick and Mary, happy homeowners of a 1963 modified Ranch-style home that we ultimately had the pleasure of remodeling and which will be featured in the 2018 Spring Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase.   These empty nesters found themselves surrounded by...

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Update Your Bathroom with Help from IDC

On average, we spend more than 30 minutes in the bathroom every day, adding up to more than a week every year. Since we spend so much time there, it should be a nice, relaxing space, right? If your bathroom makes you say “eww” instead of “ahh” when you’re in it, then it’s time for a change. IDC can help with that...

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What Kind of Kitchen Sink Is Best?

What would you do without a sink in the kitchen? Obviously, you can’t have a kitchen without a sink! When it comes to picking out your basin and the type of material, you want to focus on what’s stylish but also functional. Picking the right sink can be confusing, so here’s a look at the different types of sinks and materials that...

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Best Ways to Clean Grout

Tile and backsplash in your kitchen and bathroom are a great idea…until you have to clean the grout. Light colored grout can get really dingy really fast, and if you wait too long to clean it, it’s a pain. It’s best to start off with a mild cleaning solution and work your way up to stronger ones if needed. Here are some...

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Top Remodeling Trends for 2018

Is your kitchen or bathroom so outdated that you have flashbacks to disco fever and big hair when you walk in? While high-waisted jeans and chunky heals are back in style, paisley wallpaper and cream-colored appliances and fixtures are not. A new year means new decorating and remodeling trends. If you’re space needs to be brought into this century, take a look...

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New Year, New You…New Remodel!

2018 is right around the corner. Every year you hear “New year, new me!” when people are sharing their resolutions. New year’s resolutions are about bettering ourselves. So while you’re bettering yourself, why not better your kitchen and bathroom, too? If your kitchen or bathroom is still stuck in a time when low-rise flare jeans and big hair were popular, it’s probably...

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