2017 Spring Remodelers Showcase

The Remodelers Showcase is our opportunity to show you what we do in action. This is one of those times during the year where you get the opportunity to see first-hand what we do in a practical setting, someone’s home.

The Project

Remodelers Showcase Kitchen

Our entry into the 2017 Parade of Homes Spring Remodelers Showcase

This spring, we’ve been able to work on a home in Apple Valley. The homeowners wanted an updated kitchen with more functionality, without having to go through a full remodel.

Our designers were tasked with a job that needed a unique solution. And given that a full remodel was out of the question, we went to work re-facing the cabinets and working on upgrades inside the cabinets so that they looked and felt like new. This involved new doors, new drawer fronts and rollout trays. The cabinets were really brought together with the use of glass accents on the cabinet doors and interior lighting to make them both functional and beautiful.

Showcase Cabinet Side by side
We took these cabinets and made them new again

Once the cabinets were addressed, we went to work on a new island, using dark wood to offset the existing cabinets that we reworked. We brought in a cooktop and plenty of storage so that this kitchen would be well appointed.

New countertops also came into play, tying the whole project together and giving it a light, modern feel. The homeowners were very pleased and we were so excited that we just had to give you the opportunity to see it too.

When Can I See It?

The Parade of Homes Spring Remodelers Showcase takes place on March 31st through April 2nd, with this fantastic project being available for you to see from noon to 6pm each day.

Kitchen Cabinets
A view of the kitchen cabinets

If you’ve been thinking about a kitchen upgrade, this home is a great example of the many and varied things that we can do for you. While you can see a few of the things that we’ve done for it in the photos here, you really don’t get the complete picture until you see it in person, so we encourage you to check it out for yourself. It might also inspire you to visit Inspiration Design Center in Savage, MN.  Helping homeowners make their dream kitchen a beautiful and affordable reality is only one of the many things that we have the expertise and passion to do, and we would love to help inspire you, too.