What is the Right Size for a Kitchen Island

What is the Right Size for a Kitchen Island

What is the Right Size for a Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

More and more kitchens are making use of an island in the middle for added workspace. If you’ve considered one, you probably wondered what the right size would be. To answer that question, you need to understand the space you’re dealing with and what you use it for.


While there’s no accepted standard for an island, make sure you have enough work space. With that in mind, an island measuring 40-inch by 40-inch is a good minimum. If you plan on using it as a prep zone, have it correspond with the height of your other kitchen counters, which is usually around 36 inches. If you’re thinking of it as a seating area, consider something around bar height, which is usually around 42 inches.


If you’re planning on putting in a sink, stove or other appliance in a new island, you’ll need to take that into account in your plan. Most designers will recommend having a space of around 7 feet in length for that purpose. Knowing what storage you will need from the island also has an impact on the space you design, so take note of that as well.


Clearance is going to be important so you can access cabinets and appliances in your kitchen. The ideal measurement between would be 3 feet, but if your kitchen involves more than one person moving around at a time, you may want more clearance space so people don’t run into cabinet doors, or trip over your open dishwasher when trying to maneuver.


Knowing the current measurements of your kitchen will help you better plan for an island that fills the space you have, but allows for clearance for cabinets, dishwashers and anything else you would need access to. If you want to talk more about installing one, get in contact with us today. One of our designers will use your kitchen’s measurements to put together the perfect island. They’ll listen to you talk about your goals so your new island will function well from the very first day.


Islands are both practical and beautiful in any kitchen. Let us help you see if a new island is right for your home.